Specialized mold machining equipment

D.J. Tech has a design room, a programming room and a large fleet of machine tools. In order to avoid any dimensional variation and allow employees to work in good conditions, the entire building is air conditioned.

Thanks to its equipment and qualified personnel, the D.J. Tech workshop is able to meet a wide range of needs in terms of machining and manufacturing of injection molds for plastic, aluminum and rubber parts.

D.J. Tech’s machine shop is perfectly equipped to carry out the most demanding projects on site, from A to Z.

We are proud of our facilities and our tools, which allow our staff to live up to your requirements.


Here is a summary of the company’s equipment :

  • 5 SolidWorks et SolidworksCam workstations
  • 2 FeatureCAM workstations
  • 2 PowerMill workstations
  • 1 CNC milling machine TAKUMI F11, 43.5″ x 24.8″ x 20.275″ Coolant-Through (15,000 RPM)
  • 1 CNC milling machine TAKUMI H10, 39.625″ x 27.58″ x 19.695″ Coolant-Through (15,000 RPM)
  • 1 CNC milling machine HURON, 70.865″ x 39.37″ x 21.65″ (23,000 RPM)
  • 2 CNC milling machine HURCO (VM1 (1) et VM1G (1)), 26″ x 14″ (10,000 et 20,000 RPM)
  • 1 EDM machine EDM Mégatron Joemars A250
  • 1 EDM machine EDM Joemars HD75 Heidenhain control
  • 1 conventional lathe
  • 1 radial drill
  • 1 grinding machine
  • 1 crane, 2 tons capacity